Monday, October 11, 2010

IMF Fails, Gold Shines as Currency Wars to Continue

"The IMF was unable to stem the tide of competitive currency devaluations over the weekend. As a result, governments and central banks around the world still have the green light to continue with their money printing orgy. Some of the citizens of these various regions and countries have recently been acting as their own central banks by purchasing gold as insurance against the currency wars. As fears escalate, the question now becomes, when will the people of this world once again have a stable system of currency?

Here is a new piece exclusively for the King World News blog from Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital which sums up the situation nicely:

IMF At The Epicenter Of Currency Earthquake

By Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital

October 10 (King World News) - Henry Hazlitt was the modern literary agent of libertarianism. At the advent of Bretton Woods he stood alone in his New York Times editorials condemning the monstrosity, as he termed it, that was the IMF. He considered this entity no different to the Federal Reserve Bank. Another organization espousing the values of economic growth and price stability. In reality, they were both merely agents for the propagation of money to aid and abet the continuation of the flawed policies and practices of a country. In the case of the IMF they called on loans from member countries to 'bail out' bankrupt nations globally. The IMF prolonged the inevitable misery and didn't address the issues that got the country into difficulties in the first place.

Emergent nations once patronized by IMF bailouts and inappropriate 'conditional love' have put two fingers up. I can almost hear the BRIC nations silent mutterings, "Why should we 'flex' our currencies to assist the developing nations who so highmindedly leered over us in troubled times passed and revelled in our misery."

Bretton Woods was possible due to the economic strength of US. The Plaza Accord was permitted because it was in the best interest of the US. The Louvre Accord which tried to arrest the efforts of the Plaza Accord of two years earlier, ironically, was permitted because it was in the best interest of the US.

The US and developed nations no longer wield power anymore. " IMF who? " the BRIC’s cry. Right now the emergent nations are more content to say "our currency, your problem". Unfortunately the West, particularly the US have returned the favour, "our bonds, your problem" and so the stalement will prevail.

Unfortunately as each day passes, the friction of the global monetary fault lines grow stronger. These fault lines will release their energy in the largest world monetary earthquake known to man, as we witness the inevitable demise of the fiat currency system - as all such systems have failed before, leaving not one survivor.

As currency wars escalate, it is wise for individuals to have a presence outside of the system by owning gold."

- Eric King Of King World News

Friday, October 8, 2010

Say What!

If jobs grew at 50,000 per month it would only take 13 years to regain the jobs lost.

Where is the recovery on Main Street?

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Day Securitized Debt On Mortgages Died

The following is BREAKING NEWS:

Racketeering suits (RICO), now as civil class action suits in two states, have hit the nail on the head. The civil suit says the banks do not have proper title to the homes on which they are foreclosing. This by direct inference questions if securitized debt on mortgages have real collateral behind them.

Simply stated a long time ago by Marie McDonnell and myself, THEY DO NOT.

That means legacy assets are cooked, dead, and worthless, yet are now marked up in value to cost and above. This is all thanks to FASB’s capitulation that now represents a large amount of capital for the Western world’s financial entities.

The you know what hit the fan today for those that understand. October 4th 2010, the essence of securitized debt on mortgages died!

That alone gives you gold at $1650.

- Jim Sinclair

Friday, October 1, 2010


Gold sales by central banks in Europe fell to a very low level in the twelve month period ending 9/30/2010. The rate of sales was about 95% below the average of the last decade.

Interestingly, over the last 12 months several governments announced that they were open market buyers of gold. These include Russia, China, Thailand, and India.

- Monty Guild