Monday, May 20, 2013

James Turk Blog: This is Going to Lead to Hyperinflation

James Turk Blog: This is Going to Lead to Hyperinflation: "My view is that we are in a fiat currency bubble, in other words currency backed by nothing. If you look at history, whenever you have...

James Turk Blog: Banks and National Currencies Have Real Risks

"The underlying and most fundamental usefulness of the precious metals remains unchanged. They are money outside the banking system. The risks of depositing money in a bank are clear from the events of Cyprus, and before that debacle, Lehman Brothers, Northern Rock and countless other bank collapses that litter the landscape of monetary history. Banks and the national currencies they use have real risks."

- James Turk via a recent GoldMoney article:

Peter Schiff Blog: Why Would You Leave Money in the Bank?

“Why would you leave any extra money in a bank to get zero percent interest. . . . I think pull your money out, put it into some kind of investment..."

- Read the full post here:

Jim Rogers Blog: Lessons In Investing

Jim Rogers Blog: Lessons In Investing: Jim Rogers joins Mamta Badkar on Business Insider. During this interview Jim Rogers shares his insights on where the market is going and...

Eric Sprott Blog: Pick up in Buying Precious Metals

Eric Sprott Blog: Pick up in Buying Precious Metals: “We have noticed that there has been a pick up in buying precious metals since the Cyprus thing happened…You can see that people aren’t stup...

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